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Trip out west


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Long time goldwing rider. Just purchased a 2008 strike. Was wondering if anyone has made the trip from Indianapolis to Phoenix on their trike the month of November. Please let me know how it went
Contemplating going this November
Thanks for any input.


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Hi and welcome to Net Trike Talk.
Congrats on your new to you Trike. Awesome.
We just got back from a trip on our Trike to Maggie Valley from SE Ohio. Loved that.

We traveled late September Early October to Vegas from here. Not on a Trike though. Didn't have one then. Weather was good at that time. We drove Interstate 70 to it's end in Utah and picked up Interstate 15 which took us to Vegas.

So sorry, not much help but it would be an interesting drive. Coming home we dropped down into AZ and came across part of RT 66. That would be a fun Route to take if you aren't in a hurry. Watching weather close I suspect it is very doable. Good luck.
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