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Honda Pioneer 1000 side by side


Staff member
I have owned Kubota RTV 900 and a Kubota RTV 1140. Great work machines. Hydraulic dump bed is awesome. But on trails they sucked because you had to stop to shift from L, to M (up to 18mph, then to H (up to 24 mph) but in H you could not climb hills. You would have to stop and shift to M or even L if it was a steep hill.

I sold the Kubota 900 and bought a Honda Pioneer 1000-4 (4 seats). I love it. Automatic tranny that can go from 0 to 55 or even 60 with no shifting. Plenty of power and fun to drive. Now I enjoy rides on back roads and trails in my area something I could not do with the Kubota RTV.

What fun do you have with your side by side?